THT 10 years ago: Time to tread gingerly and deliver

Kathmandu, April 2, 2007

At long last, Nepal probably has taken the final step to what she always aspired for — a destiny defined in terms of her own simple requirements and home truths.

What, until two days ago, appeared like the same old tussle, a dogfight for space in the power structure and special privileges thereof, is today a promise, a bright one at that, of a future that is inclusively liberal and democratic both in outlook and implication.

If the actors have earned the accolades, the spectators have heaved a huge sigh of relief.

All have gained except perhaps the palace and the prime minister. The upcoming constitutional amendments, arguably the main catalyst of compromise in the recent piece-of-cake skit, will have the king and the premier on their toes as both can now be given the marching order anytime should they be caught making mischief or abusing authority.

The long-drawn controversy on to be or not to be of the Maoists in the interim administration is now history. There is no point in beating the breast, nor is there any sense in spilling the beans as to who did or say what at which point in time.

The die has been cast. Now the game show, the real one, is on. More than any other formation, the Maoists are beset with what Hans Ottomeyer, Director of German Historical Museum, said as he tried to defend the exhibit that documents the stadium built by Adolf Hitler for the 1936 Olympics in Berlin: If you are not prepared to offer answers, you will be confronted with questions.

The undeniable fact is that the promises have been made and the Nepali people have made the sacrifices. The leaders, one and all, are expected to deliver.

Cooperative earns Rs 4.6m

Manthali Saving and Credit Cooperative in Manthali, district headquarters of Ramechhap, has earned Rs 4.6 million net profit in the fiscal year (FY) 2062-63 BS.

The cooperative earned around Rs 4.6 million net profit in FY 2062-63 BS, said cooperative officials at a programme, organised on the occasion of its ninth anniversary.

Apart from financial assistance, the cooperative is also conducting different kinds of social work from time to time. “The cooperative has also established a hospital that provides different kinds of facilities to patients,” said Dhruv Prasad Subedi, chairman of the cooperative. “We inspire people to save their money.

We provide loans to our customers according to their needs. We have been able to raise economic as well as social status of people,” said Komal Shankar Ghimire, secretary of cooperative. “This cooperative is a model in the district. Customers are happy with our service,” said Pushpa Shrestha, a member of the cooperative.

The cooperative was jointly established by a local non-government organisation and some members of the Tamakoshi Sewa Samiti, nine years ago.