Tips while out dating

Dating seems to be the in thing these days. And it is not limited to just teenagers, though they are the ones who seem to be enjoying it to the hilt. For the more mature, as marriages break up and end in divorces, women and men are taking chances and trying to love the second time around. They want to meet new men and women who might or might not be divorced and try to find mates again.

There is a constant shift in what

is right and what is not. Confusion

exists in every mind as to what the

limits are within which one should work and date. The fact of the matter

is that there are no limits and not

rules and hence each of us who goes out on date needs to define our own limits and rules.

The Internet too has a number of dating sites. People are constantly exchanging intimate details on the net without knowing if the other person can be trusting or not. Very often, these initial virtual-dating encounters get translated into actual meetings. There are success stories and horror episodes for those who have done this.

Okay, you know the man/boy you are dating as you are colleagues or are somehow known to each other. But date rape is an ugly reality of life. There are cases when colleagues, friends and even relatives have turned on the women who trusted them. Reporting and pursuing a crime of rape is never easy and, if the girls know the rapist and she had initially gone willingly with him, the police get even more difficult to deal with and the legal wheels move even more slowly.

Never presume that it just cannot happen to you. Just take adequate precautions to see that it does not. One of the most feared things in today’s world is the date rape drug. It is colorless and can mix with any drink. Once consumed it brings about complete oblivion-a girl will not even know she has been raped. Worse still, some of these drugs can render a woman incapable to bearing a child for the rest to her life. It is a very high price to pay because you do not take safety seriously.

Dating can be fun if you do it with responsibility. It can turn into a nightmare if you do not pay attention to small things. Their reputations might not be that important to young girls these days, but physical safety, sexual health and security are paramount to any woman of any age when mixing with members of the opposite sex.