Too late?

The heavy rains in the country is a welcome respite to many, but it could have disastrous consequences. The Koshi embankments is now getting rapidly eroded and could very well burst resulting in flooding in a scale more massive than last year’s. Delay in the completion of the works related to the repair of the embankments are largely responsible for this potential threat. With the country witnessing unexpected downpours, the water level of the Koshi River is rising rapidly and assuming menacing proportions. The concerned should have foreseen this danger yet, because of the dilly dallying, the repair works have not proceeded as desired.

This shows the irresponsible manner in which the concerned authorities failed to meet the deadline. The people are now at risk from the flooding and, unless some remedial measures are taken with immediate affect, it could invite further suffering for the flood victims who have already had to face the ordeal of last year’s deluge. In the meantime, efforts are underway to control the river by deploying technicians, but will this be enough?