TOPICS: Adieu to teaching

“Good morning Sir!” was the first welcoming words that echoed into my ears when I first stepped into a classroom some twelve years ago.

It remained a part of my life. But with the passage of the time, something in me often nagged me to leave and jump into another field as the experience of twelve years teaching was equivalent to one-year experience as I taught the same curriculum almost in the same style for all these years.

The desire of imparting knowledge applying different methodologies remained unfulfilled as there was always a pressure to complete the course in the stipulated time, make an everyday-lesson plan, prepare for exams and different functions, discharge unnecessarily imposed-duties, and many more.

There was nothing new to teach and nothing new the students need to do or try except cramming course books and notes.

Somewhere I felt like I was cheating rather than teaching; teaching less useful things than useful things; killing their creativity and potential rather than nurturing them.

The desire and thought of doing something new and differently in this field went in vain, rather it transformed me into a feeble robotic high school teacher.

Therefore, I decided to leave it and try for abroad study and I was glad to succeed in doing so.

However, there are lots of beautiful memories I am going to take together and cherish in the days to come like preparing in late nights for the to-be-forwarded lessons, keeping oneself disciplined, being professional, being a source of inspiration and motivation, singing, dancing and acting together, answering the silly and innocent questions, quenching their inquisitiveness and thirst, co-operating with them while conducting different programs, and so on.

The tremendous amount of endeavor, preparation and dedication put into it enhanced my personality development, public speaking, spoken and written English, dealing with people, etc. that helped me a lot to groom and grow mentally, academically and intellectually.

Needless to say, teaching is a painstaking, demanding and thankless white-job with meager income whereas teachers are the bridge from where the students cross and reach different destinations.

Students are like the pages of life which they need to read, feel and understand and act accordingly. The biggest happiness and interest lies in their progression and solid achievement.