TOPICS: Art of good parenting

We often hear parents complaining about their children, regarding their studies, behavior, company and activities. Before we grumble about them, we need to realize our own roles of good parenting.

Of course, to be a good parent, is not an easy job. All the parents wish to bring up their children in the best way.

However, they are not able to do so due to a number of factors or due to lack of good parenting techniques. Therefore, it may be useful to know how people need to change in the ways they deal with their children.

First of all, it is very important to be friendly with our children. One needs to communicate with children on a regular basis so that they feel comfortable to share their needs or problems. If we just talk with them regarding their school, teachers and friends asking if they had anything new or something like that, they feel that their parents care about them. They can also share difficulties they are facing.

While being friendly it is also necessary to maintain a balanced friendship. It means one should not show too much affection as the chances are the children will be pampered. Similarly, it has been found that parents often compare their children with others.

It is wise to know that every child has a particular nature and capacity. So the parents need to know them and encourage them to foster their positive things without making comparison among their siblings or others.

Likewise, it is wise to let the children grow in their natural way. Let’s not impose anything upon them. We often hear that many of the parents ask their children to be a doctor, engineer etc. without actually knowing the interest and potential of their child, which can be very frustrating in their later life.

Moreover, it is very important to monitor their behavior. Nowadays, most of the parents are busy in their own jobs and are oblivious about their children’s activities, which can be very harmful in the future.

It is also one of the reality of the present that today’s children are digital children. They are forward in terms of using computer, internet, mobile etc. So, as a good parent one needs to monitor what and how they have been using these things. If such things are misused they can be very harmful both physically as well as mentally.

So, if we mull over these things and act accordingly, a lot of problems can be resolved and the children can be grow up to be good citizens of society.