Reviving students’ interest in learning and attaining priceless knowledge may be a daunting task, however it’s not impossible. Students of today can be controlled and kept in proper track only by love, care and affection, not by negation; frequent counseling and proper guidance is needed to them. An oppressive relationship among the teachers and students definitely hinder the progress and welfare of the duo, ultimately eroding the all-round development of education. The biggest obstacle today’s students are facing is that they are finding it an onerous task to co-relate the theoretical subject matter with the practical world. I vividly remember that mesmeric quote of my Plus Two Physics teacher, “You can never be a scientist by staying and studying in Nepal.” Really, there’s a lot of truth in his statement. That single statement struck a chord deep inside me for I am now a dropout student. The fact is that after analyzing every aspects all around via diverse perspectives, I quit my Bachelor’s in Science (BSc) studies at almost the last stage amid harsh criticisms from my pals, colleagues, teachers, my nearest and dearest ones. I am out of the crowd and I have no regret of that audacious decision of mine to quit studies at the crucial stage of my life. Today’s students are at the opposite ends of their ability range. The problem with today’s students is that they lack discipline. Until and unless the prevalence of traditional methodology of teaching comes to a halt, the ordeals of students of this generation will remain unabated. Today’s students need more value-based education rather than academic education. There is a dire necessity of gripping methodology of teaching and mesmerizing performance of the teachers if the quality of education is to be attained. Conducive teaching-learning environment is unfeasible without the well-being of teachers. That’s why, teachers can never bring out the best in students until and unless an amicable environment is maintained in the educational institutions. Unveiling comprehensive education systems can’t address the genuine concerns of the disgruntled guardians, frustrated teachers and stubborn students. In order to invigorate the existing education system, there must be child-centric teaching on the theories of cognition, otherwise ingrained prejudices will continue to increase the risk of unruly activities of the students.