TOPICS: Disorder that eats teens

The leap from childhood to adolescence can be a trying time for some teenage girls. Suddenly, everything around them is changing. Their body is changing dramatically and there is an increasing pressure to fit in with their peers. They are constantly bombarded with magazines with super models, movies and television programs with thinner actresses. Sometimes, the family environment can also contribute to eating disorders. If one has a mother who is always on a diet there are more chances of the daughter developing an eating disorder.

Another important factor why a teenage girl may end up with an eating disorder is on account of a dysfunctional family background. If there is emotional, physical or sexual abuse inflicted on the teenagers they are more likely to develop an eating disorder. To avoid dealing with the painful issues that arise on account of the abuse they might just seek refuge in food or controlling its intake. According to a research conducted in the USA around 10 million teens develop eating disorders and unhealthy attitude toward food.

More young women than men suffer that is one of the primary reasons that the pressure on women to be thinner is more. It is important to understand that an eating disorder is not something that a teenager can control. It is a medical condition.

Schools can play a proactive role in spreading awareness about the disease amongst the teens. The teachers and school counselors can be educated to detect the signs and symptoms, so they can offer the necessary help at the right time. It is important to recognize eating disorder as a serious mental health issue. Family support is essential, and they should be on a lookout for signs and symptoms. It is also essential to seek help as early as possible, because it will be easier to stop the disease in its track before it advances and causes irreversible damage.

It has to be kept in mind that 20 percent of those suffering from eating disorder end up dying. Most people suffering from eating disorder also suffer from other disorders such as depression, anxiety and drug dependency. A suitable treatment has to be tailored taking into consideration all the problems of the patient. Eating disorder is a treatable disease and if tackled in time precious lives can be saved.