TOPICS: Dream come true

In a country like ours, where the developmental projects are scarce and in the doldrums, the Chandragiri cable network operating now looks like a dream come true.

On the south-west outskirts of the capital city is the grand project now finally a reality.

We are glad to see how the project has given a new life to the territory, and also options for earning to the nearby folks who had probably never ever imagined that the shiny gondolas would ply along with the cable adding to the beauty mesmerizing everyone.

Set up from the foot of the Chandragiri hill, the network extends straight above the top traversing through the small hills popping out to a modernized summit and is an excellent example of engineering and infrastructural framework, say a sign of developmental step.

For all nature lovers pain can best be healed while sliding up and down smoothly in the giddy gondolas above the green, sloppy topography. Everyone who gets there wonders how it has turned to be probably the best vantage point to view the gigantic urban landscape and the hub for hundreds to feel the excitement.

Standing there atop on the summit, sipping cappuccino and walking around make one a enthusiastic recipient of pride and jubilation despite the dusty haze looming over the apparently doomed metropolitan settlements.

The inner apathy and tension remain no more while there. Whosoever goes there wants to stay longer and make the best use of their time during their momentary hangout. The place being a platform for occasional holiday hubs, visitors cannot help going there with a heavy pocket as every item of cuisine and recreation is unnecessarily expensive.

Since the splendid project like this one is possible here through private efforts why does the government not chip in? Why not have cable cars up to the Kalapatthar and other domestic tourist stations? It would be a fertile source of income for the national economy.

Unfortunately the lush green top, on the other hand, has almost disappeared and ruthless, brazen human encroachment can be seen.

Many hotels are being constructed beneath, crushing the beautiful landscape exploited by those who have political clout and financial access for their commercial interests. Despite the highly modernized get-up, the natural charisma of the Chandragiri hill continues to entice more visitors who never seem to have enough.