TOPICS: Holi hits hard

Around the corner is Holi, another mega celebration of Hindus

which witnesses the showering, smearing and dashing of hues and

colors to our otherwise literally ruffled lives. But, despite being the feast of love, friendship and rapprochement,

it bears the great brunt of growing insensitivity every year. Ahead are still some days left for Holi, nonetheless streets have already turned out to be the platforms of nude incivility, harassment and wilderness.

Coming across rampant brutal events which included groups of hooligans hurling lolas and splashing buckets of water at the innocent pedestrians, especially at bunch of belles heading towards their destination, summoned my notice that we have our very way of doing things which embraces ignorance and absurdity. A damsel was bound to raise hackles and pelt stones to protest the rain of water-filled balloons with all disdains and denigrations as she was left with this only option. Poor damsel, caught in distress. She got her dazzling dress ruined; and was a victim of male machismo, and she was compelled to stay locked up at home for almost a week. From children to the old pouring dirty water and missiles of balloons mercilessly from the roof tops a week actual festival day is the

trendy culture. Such incidents are countless. Is it Holi, harassment or disillusionment? There is a free-for-all state to exercise evils taking advantage of the complete dearth of do’s

and don’ts developing in a very bad culture of mob mentality, indiscipline and hooliganism. All ethical values seem to have been trashed under the carpet. We are committed to creating anarchy and hypocrisy.

Sheer mental deficiency and the sinister motives behind the pursuit of pleasure have pasted filth in the

charm and vitality of the day. Paste and prank, hold and molest, drink and drive and ruffle everybody’s feathers leaving no stone unturned. These are a few trends simmering in the name of celebrating Holi. As the land demands our decent manners, let us preserve the religious sentiment and tradition of the festival. Stick your neck out to end the evils from everyone’s part.

Rhetorically, for the better let our politicos bury the hatchet as the

need of the hour. Let the festival

be observed in harmony, togetherness and eternal bliss.