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Yes, I wanna get back to my land of birth, my beautiful Nepal.

But will I be really happy if I get back? I’m not that happy here either.

Why I am here is just because I’m getting basic comforts needed to run my life like enough electricity, water, food supply. Only if these were aplenty in my country.

Sometimes, I talk about such stupid things with friends here too and get almost the same reply. I find they are not happy here either. Then I start to curse those politicians who have been playing games in my country. Politicians often complain about brain drain and say its manpower should develop the country living and

working in Nepal. But do they ever realize that it’s they who is causing us to flee abroad. I had come here

about 2 years back, was happy by having and looking at those modern technological marvels and facilities. But, just a month later, I found myself bored with those commonplace things since I had no family, no heart relationship, no fun.

Then I got back to Nepal after some time. After staying about 6 months in Nepal, the same worsening situation of Nepal- strikes, load-shedding, scarcity of water- again led me here though unbelievably.

I always check news on Nepal here. A few months after getting here, I heard the situation was getting better and thought I’d go back if the bright lining continued to persist. But recently, another news disappointed me. Again the same old political conflict.

It hurts me when I feel like Nepal is never going to be okay. And I happen to think these politicians are only

trying to earn their bread in the name of developing the nation.

Once they come to stand on the dais of politics, they don’t seem to want to come off it and return to their

previous jobs they were holding before becoming a politician.

It seems like they have developed a sort of bad greed. Just to satisfy their greed, they keep playing on

the political dais even without realizing whether they are really capable for that or not.

Otherwise, rather than hanging out on the dais, why don’t they get off and let the capable do it? Maybe they got into tune with the real needs and work accordingly. But, they won’t. That means their show will continue.