TOPICS: In a dilemma

Currently, I am plunged into a dilemma. I just don’t know what to do next. I have not been able to anticipate about what might happen next. Sometimes, I react in an abnormal manner. I have a habit of talking with myself when I become alone. I laugh alone thinking of some funny moments.

I often stare at the clouds in the sky during the daytime while I gaze at innumerable shining stars during the night.

I get scared of being like a vagabond whenever I imagine of quitting my current job and leaving my hometown in order to seek for an opportunity to excel in the field of my interest.

And sometimes, I wonder that if I shall be able to conquer the world one day. I have not been able to decide about what I am going to be and how I am going to prepare for it.

In fact, I have apparently stopped planning about my future. I do understand that just imagining doing something great or something different without taking necessary initiatives to do so in real life is just a mess.

However, I often tend to live in my imaginary world. I tend to take rampant and audacious decisions without even thinking about their probable negative consequences.

Actually, I have a tendency to overlook the negatives. As an introvert and egoist person, I don’t prefer to follow the crowd. But I follow my heart and go on doing accordingly.

I am a non-conformist. I can easily contemplate what it would be like to be single and non-conformist.

Whatever might be the end result, I will never stop being obsessed with my passion. I always tend to keep my eyes on my dreams.

I’ll never give up on my dreams no matter how harsh the situation might be. I know well that I must never go down when life tries to tackle me. I am ready to take on any kind of challenges that my life can offer to me at any stage of my life. I am ready to sacrifice anything in order to reach my ultimate destination.

Life is a deep ocean of obstacles. Every one of us ought to realize this harsh reality. We need to analyze different aspects of life via different perspectives.

The legendary football genius, Lionel Messi, says,” You have to fight to reach your dream; you have to sacrifice and work hard for it.”