TOPICS: Journey together

There has been too much talk about women’s liberation, boldness that actually rebounded from the vicious smear of social injustice everywhere.

So, lately women turned out stronger beings with much aplomb growing constantly in dealing with strength to a long-term move when a thing does not work out together.

While it may be a simpler act that way out in a more convenient way for many couples---especially when the marriages break up. They are strong enough to squander this way their life.

I have grown up during a time to believe on family values in a meaningful ways but not in the individualistic power to create boundaries in the feelings and emotions to turn to the family clashes.

What about mental girdle, a vulnerable act on an individual’s emotional well-being that put in the hell hovering over them with questions about their lives, family and feelings and viewed by others as pathetic, losers and someone to be pitied.

When you have children, you have responsibilities. Yes, I am very strong in defence of my child’s security. Recently, my husband and I have been trying to be the proud parents of our child whose life revolves around us so much that we cannot even think of splitting up.

It doesn’t mean we have no emotional intimacy in relationships that I have garnered efforts for trying to make it work only for laying the strong keystone for my child.

I and my husband are always committed to making up and move on to get back on track to be closer again even after a big fight that struck by the lack of understanding.

I love the life we have together even when it is stressful or burdensome to get it over with a tremendous feelings of betrayal but I don’t want to get it lose through lashed out in anger. He is steady, supportive and loving-a truly good husband frame with warm empathy that spins to make family life happy.

By a lot of measures, marriage is the most obvious social relationship linked to longevity that tends to have some aspect of healthier life.

Admittedly, marriage binds together our divergent interests in one common sentiment of love.

Not just love it is committing the small act of service to forgiveness, generosity, flexibility, devotion, sacrifice and fidelity and lifelong friendship in a sense to rely on each other that makes the foundation of marriage strong.