TOPICS: Life after forty

With distressed mentality, lost hopes and withered life-style I see chunks of middle aged people hovering around counting their numbers (age). They are smothered and shaken, and they feel that they have emptied their halves (half of their age) without any substantial success.

They assume that they have no expectation for a bright future to recuperate again. There is much hale and hearty news for all those who have just got into their forties. Do come let’s join hands in hands.

Just peel-off your cover, seize your breath and give up your bed with a sheer smile as it’s a sunlit morning. The news has spread as a wild-fire in the bush. If you can’t believe your ears then take a quick glance at “The Himalayan Times” daily published

the other day with the title news ‘Life starts after 40’. Be jovial and take a sigh-of-relief as you are also one of them to get respite from the same. At the utmost let me elongate the anecdote which made a significant contribution to the news.

I was irascible, fast to bed, remained speechless with my head down

without a nap throughout the dark as I felt awkward when a little girl who is my next-door neighbor flattered and loved teasing me by calling me uncle, uncle. She is charming, young and in her twenties. I try to flee from her when I see her but cannot avoid her as she is always nearby.

“Come, look at least 10 years younger”; come commercials, be it on television, in print or in hoardings which pierces you from the inside and out when you start fading away. I have been witnessing such types time and again. But who does not have lust for the same when one is fading.

I am not a con nor a cynic, but I have to cope according to the pace of my living. I have no option to go against nature. I sometimes console myself by looking in the mirror for hours and hours watching my reflection.

It’s an ease comforting my own self but a pain when I am unable to conceal. Being in my late thirties does not mean that I am not getting any younger or explicit.

One gets matured when s/he gets into his forties. The age, past experiences and practical life makes one

full. The responsibilities, status in the society and a period of forty years long give an account to lead an innovative new life again.