TOPICS: Love, love and only love

I don’t want to clutter these two words love and affection; though they represent each other. To be honest, I prefer the word love as an indicator of reliance, obsession, devotion and dedication. Do permit me to add two more; they are faith and craze, which enhance the meaning of love to its fullest. I have chosen just four alphabets from ‘Oxford English Dictionary’ to accomplish my purpose. Don’t blame me that I am being miserable for what I have done. It does not mean that I have discarded the other alphabets.

The word love originated with

the existence of human beings. But not only are human beings, the

entire animal kingdom is possessive towards the same word. The animals including human beings show their love, feelings and affection by licking, kissing, sniffing and there are innumerable ways to do so.

I feel aghast when my little boy who has just turned eleven quarrels with his mom for very nasty reasons. He is absurd when asked to complete his tasks and reluctant in shaping himself up. He enjoys junk food, television and computer games, thanks to the cinemas, tele-serials and self-proclaimed modern life-style. And let me not be mean to thank the next-generation. On the contrary his mother who is always fretful towards him tries to be persuasive. I was just seventeen when I lost my mom, left behind alone to struggle on my own. I used to perceive myself as one of the most luckiest fellows in this world prior to her death, but I was proven false after she breathed her last. I found myself in a limbo after she left me alone. It was her untimely and unfortunate demise that shook me from my very inside. I had an aim of splurging career but in vain. She breathed her last and passed away almost un-noticed.

Everyone has the lust for the best, and I hope God did the same. I have no words to convey my gratitude to my mom for her love, devotion and nurture, and hope the same regarding others. Don’t try to convince me that mothers are futile or empty. Imagine the womb where she kept you with her for such a long span of time, with ease and comfort concealing her pain and sufferings. In fact, this is a small offering from the core of the heart dedicated to all mothers for their sacrifice, mutiny and affection towards their offsprings.