TOPICS: Love will heal

Love is the sixth sense that human beings have, which many of us still have to realize. So we should all share the treasure of love with each other.

We should all make others feel special and make them feel love so they would treat you in the same manner.

So it all starts with love for one then love for all. We all have witnessed one of the biggest natural disasters in Nepal. Lots of people have lost their lives due to the April 25 earthquake and its aftershocks in 2015. At the same time many Nepalis have survived the earthquake, but they have nothing left to live for.

At times like these, financial support alone may not help them much emotionally. So our love for the victims, making them feel loved will help them in many ways. As a Nepali we are all of a family, and, when some

of our family are displaced, hungry, and looking for love from all of us then it is also our duty to love them.

Sharing love should be our motto in life. When sharing, some like to keep their love within the family and friends, but sharing should be taking our family love to the outside world. Taking little steps at a time, such as feeding the people who needs food in our own neighborhood, donating money to local hospitals for the treatment of people who needs them would help. If our little bit of help with the feeling of love can improve someone’s livelihood, then we should help the needy ones.

There many ways to share love with others, such as praying for the victims, sending them financial help and, most importantly, assuring them that tomorrow will be better and not to lose hope. Hope, in another word love, is the only thing that makes us feel alive. Everything revolves around love. Love takes or moves life forward, love gives us hope to see another day, and it is for love that we like to feel our present in this world. We get what we love in life; in other words, life is different pieces of love which we collect throughout our journey.

Love is the only ultimate truth in life which is so powerful and dynamic that we can connect to anyone who has felt love in his or her life. It depends upon each of us as to how to give preference in life to things other than love which will take us away from the truth. Helping and loving the earthquake victims are healing them unconditionally with our love. I strongly believe that we all should love them feeling from the heart.

We all have gone through different phases of life which sometimes make us happy and at other times a bit sad.