TOPICS: Malignancy of communication

Communication itself is a dazzling and fantasizing world. It has made people presence alive. The entire world has transformed into a global village due to communication and become an indispensable part of human’s life.

The core concept of communication was enhanced when Graham Bell introduced the staff called wire telephone. It was one eulogistic invention in the history of communication. It explicitly changed the phenomenon of communication.

The realm of communication, brings a variety of hurdles in the daily life of human beings. It has embattled human beings with its enthralling features.

As we know, people always resist change and also advocate it if the change is favorable for them.

Similarly, they have adopted mobile phones as communication gadgets. The mobile phone doesn’t work only as a phone but it displays the world in a small screen. Slowly and gradually people have become obsessed with technology.

Nowadays, one mobile applications i.e. selfie is the most popular among the young generation. It was launched in 2013 and within 2-3 years, it created the vibe in the world. It is becoming wild as people are trading their life with death for instant entertainment.

Obviously, selfie has enhanced the life of people but it can also be fatal if not handled with care. People losing their life while having selfie is increasing.

Regardless of exquisite features, the fact cannot be denied that the enrichment of technological gadgets is becoming a monster.

Numerous shortcomings related with people’s health are also emerging rapidly.

The tendency of using applications and social sites tend to make people reclusive and victims of depression. They spend hours on the internet tagging, uploading and sharing the status and photographs.

They don’t want to be kept away even in disclosing the micro events. The irony of metro city life is that people are busy.

Certainly, the admiration of or experiencing new innovations are the nature of human beings. But it would let their quality of life and skills doomed.

So in order to achieve this it it is worthless to acquire it. Therefore, we should indulge into activities which rejuvenate our mind. Jeopardizing health in this modern age is very common and normal life has become complicated.

Undeniably, communication gadgets are only the means of communication but they must be used for the betterment of life, not for destruction.