Never give up

People search for a solution when they have a problem, but depression grows when a solution appears on the horizon. It is uncertain to get the thing. So, depression grows every day. Depression takes place inside people because of childhood abuse, hostile social or social environment, lack of supporting network, death of loved ones, betrayal by loved ones, isolation, physical illness, etc. When depression grows inside people, they want to stop it and choose various ways to deal with depression. Some people start drinking and using drugs for temporary solution, some people choose meditation and self motivation for permanent solution but some of them choose a poor way to get rid of depression by committing suicide.

Most people who want to commit suicide don’t want to die, they just want to stop hurting. Suicide stops the pain but it hurts those who have some expectations from you. It takes away the happiness of those living — parents who brought you to this wonderful world. Not only them, it hurts your family who want to see you at the top of the world, your relatives who always want your prestige to be high in the society, co-workers who want to support you and want support from you, your friends who always want to spend time with you to make every moment memorable.

Maybe you’re feeling like you’re alone and no one can heal your pain. But you are never alone here. The whole world is with you. The way you’re feeling is going to be changed sooner. When you want to give up, tell yourself you’ll hold off for just one more day, hour, minute—whatever you can manage. If you’re feeling depressed, express your feelings and feel relief from loneliness and pent-up negative feelings. Your life is not a punishment, it’s the priceless gift, learn to accept it with due respect. It’s your life, never blame others, you must handle it properly. Failures teach us lots of lessons so that we can do better next time. Actually, nothing is impossible. So, don’t lose hope. You can improve your mistakes but if you commit suicide you can never get your life again. You can never see this beautiful world, you will miss many amazing events, you will miss many enjoyable times. Once you are dead, you can never get a new life. Life is really short, please don’t try to make it shorter by taking wrong decisions. Live long, make mistakes and learn something from every mistake. You will be a better person. The main thing is never give up and quit.