TOPICS: Never-say-sorry syndrome

It’s a fast-paced world out there, and everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. People have become so time conscious that they have forgotten how to go for patience and display a little bit of civility.

People nowadays do not know how to wait in line. The other day, I was standing in line to buy a packet of milk, and a woman who had just arrived, completely ignored my presence and shoved herself in front of me. I don’t think she gave any thoughts to what I thought of her, neither did she apologize for her rude behavior.

At this point, I started to think whether people had no manners whatsoever. And, this was not the first time that it had happened to me. Unruly men and women, both alike have pushed and shoved their ways through me as if I didn’t even exist. Curious collision course.

To what can we attribute such ridiculous and childish behavior?

Is it the upbringing and social

conditioning of an individual?

Maybe, it has something to do with a lack basic education?

Or, it could be a case of what

I would like to call “Going Junglee”. Well, there you go, I said it. It pains

me to go around calling strangers “jungles”, but I really do not know how to explain this phenomenon otherwise. I guess people are totally oblivious to their surrounding and the people around them.

Displaying a little bit of civility at public places could work miracles for an individual’s social standing. Saying sorry or apologizing to others when we bump into them while talking a walk, would show that we have the ability to acknowledge our mistakes and make amends for them. Trivial fights could in this way be avoided.

An individual’s capacity to work and deal with others is the most important and first step towards establishing a cordial and civilized relationship with friends and strangers alike. Being polite and respectful to other people will also prompt similar reactions from them. After all, they do say “what goes around comes around”.

Unfortunately, the reality is

nowhere near this. It is actually the exact opposite. Barbaric behavior is for display everywhere. People pushing and shoving each other is a daily routine, and shouting at the top of one’s lung’s a must, that is if you want to get anything done at all.