TOPICS: Out of the crowd

There is a saying, “Being unique is better than being perfect.” The need for perfection makes one feel anxious, nervous and all kinds of negative feelings in the world. Being perfect creates tension to perform according to someone’s standards or expectations.

But, uniqueness knows no bounds. It’s like, “Fly, the whole sky is yours to explore.” It gives us this freedom to dare and try radical things in life without any pressure.

Also one of the popular sayings goes, “Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.” Had Messi run out of his distinct ability, he would not be at the stand today? Humans in history have tried to be different in terms of goals, aims, gifts, talents and dreams.

Dreams for instance, vary from person to person. Some dream to be soldiers, some engineers, some footballers and what not. What we think is new has been already started or thought of by someone else. The competition is high because someone might start off before you with the same idea, skill or business.

People share ideas on makeup tutorials, tips for healthy lifestyle, fashion, business start-ups on blogs, YouTube and online portals. Many have been able to recognize themselves by being different and talented in their professions and jobs.

Despite all the challenges, being unique certainly has its own benefits. Unique features in product, for instance, can create a whole new level of competitive edge. Customers create this impression of uniqueness about the product and company.

There will be a sense of attractiveness existing which will create loyalty in the customer’s mind. Organizations will be able to grow and grab their opportunity to earn a profit. Customer loyalty and satisfaction are easy to maintain because they are focused on one single feature only.

Patanjali has been able to present itself being different than others, and it is able to attract many people as well. Quality can be standardized and customer retention is more. For a new product, it is very beneficial to penetrate the market. Some of the other prospects can be: product positioning, better image, market segmentation, enhanced competitiveness and so on.

It is like a gene that is possessed by only one being. In a world where change happens so often, it is a challenge as well as a boon to be unique. USP brings success and creates a better image on the customers’ mind.