TOPICS : Political solution possible in a spirit of give and take

Jiba Raj Pokharel

Nepal seems to be heading towards the edge of a political precipice, a return from which appears improbable unless a sincere effort is made immediately by the political forces towards the resolution of the present political problems afflicting the country. The political forces are certainly the political parties, the Monarch and the Maoists. Needless to say, they draw support from the man in the street, the military and the militants respectively.

There are many political parties in the country, but five of them are certainly in the forefront. It is not only because of comparatively more support they enjoy among the people as indicated by the last general election but also because of the movement that they have consistently launched against regression. The assembly of thousands of people following their clarion call displays the influence of these parties on the people. The Nepali Congress (Democratic) is also equally notable against the backdrop of the unconstitutional dismissal of its leader — Sher Bahadur Deuba.

The reinstatement of the dissolved government cannot bring the dissolved parliament back to life. If the government of Sher Bahadur is rehabilitated, it will be akin to that of the other two, Lokendra and Surya. Sher Bahadur will be the third puppet prime minister in succession with the string in the hands of the King. Similarly, an all-party government cannot be practical because the government cannot be formed accommodating all the parties in view of numerous registered parties in the country. The all-party government should be composed of the parties in the parliament and for this the parliament has to be restored. The election of the Constituent Assembly (CA) is neither a workable proposition without the restoration of the parliament because there has to be an authoritative body to hold the election of the CA and for this the parliament is necessary.

Restoration of the parliament is thus the only solution of the present problem. A solution could be found by following the five “Rs” to the present political impasse in Nepal. Restoration of the parliament is one for which the King has to take the initiative.

Reinstatement of the Deuba government is necessary because the dismissal of Deuba government was an unconstitutional step taken by the King. Reconstitution of an all-party government including the Maoists is necessary as a single party government cannot run the affairs of the state at the present juncture, without the Maoists. A referendum cum election is necessary to decide firstly whether the constitution should be drafted by the election of the CA or by the amendment proposals of the parties represented in the Parliament and secondly to elect the members of the parliament. If the verdict is in the favour of the former, the parliament can take the form of the CA which can redraft the constitution. If the latter is the case, the members elected to the parliament can amend the Constitution.All the political forces have to adopt a spirit of give and take. They should abandon rigidity and display flexibility to solve the problems. The King has to be the most flexible in view of the commitment of several blunders one after another despite the political assumption that the King can do no wrong.