TOPICS: Self-reflection

Everyone likes to look good. Everyone loves to be liked by others no matter how indifferent they act. Hence, everyone loves to see themselves in the mirror to see if they look fine.

A mirror is an amazing object that truthfully reflects how a person looks and shows their flaws on the outside. The mirror is also an amazing object that clearly divulges the reality.

Many view a mirror as their best friend as it never laughs when one cries. It is good to have a mirror to see oneself.

But does anyone have a mirror to see how they look from the inside? No. But they do have a substitute. And that is of course self-reflection.

Self-reflection is the careful thought about your own behavior, action, and belief. It is just like looking into the mirror and seeing yourself. Only you look into your inner self and assess yourself.

It is all just about asking yourself thought-provoking questions that help to develop a deeper level of understanding about yourself which can be very useful.

Life has become very hectic for most people. Days often fly by in a complete blur. And in this busy world, people get connected to everything and everyone else but leave behind the most important part  themselves.

And if you fail to connect with yourself, all the success bestowed on your way will be worthless. For losing yourself would be your greatest loss.

Self-reflection is simple yet very powerful. It helps you to get connected with your soul which helps you to be a better person not just for yourself but for the people you care for as well.

It makes you see what you are doing, why you are doing something, why it is important, and if it is the right thing to do. It makes you stick with your true identity. It makes you understand why you succeeded and celebrate such successes.

It makes you learn from your past mistakes. It makes you be true to yourself and in the process you end up being true to everyone else. It makes you happy and content, a very nice feeling indeed.

It is always better to pace back to the time and see the things you did and the way they shaped you to be the person you are now.

It is always a good thing to make time for just you and to listen to yourself. It is not difficult if you try. No one would want to lose touch with themselves after all.

So, how about a little bit of self-reflection tonight? Importantly maybe you will rediscover yourself which could be a cherished asset.