TOPICS: Soft spot

It is but natural to have a soft spot because it relates to the way one functions in a fixed setting and assumes a new dimension when applied to a local context.

Just a few examples are: soft drink that fizzles when opened and leaves a sweet lingering aftertaste, soft loans disbursed to small time entrepreneurs and soft news that is breezy and entertaining.

Come hot lazy afternoons and it’s time to head to the nearest outlet selling cold drinks. No second thought is given as it livens things up, not once but on several occasions until each time the thirst is quenched.

Customers of every age group enjoy the carbonated drink at an affordable price sharing the moment and savoring it to the last drop.

Soft loans provided by the institution take on a new meaning in all seriousness and should not be taken for a ride.

Since it comes with no strings attached, this is a no win policy that has a low interest rate so that it is an investment and carries a minimum risk.

Soft news is also devoted to a page and written in a light-hearted style and can be said to be a regular feature in a daily and enliven the morning break with a cup of tea that cheers.

Anyone who is a celebrity features on the page with a photo and appropriate headlines and text.

The odds of making soft sell comes at a price. But this is where it connects to a cushy deal.

It is as simple as that and not to go awry and on track are endorsement of the product or service which makes plenty of sense. There is no hard and fast rule--only perking up at the start of being marketable.

Having a soft corner comes with a heady mixture of elation and a bit of excitement thrown in for good measure. This is because there is nothing to lose and everything to gain and emerges as a contender.

In other words, it deals with home grown truths that can prove elusive and hard to nail down, even though there is no cheap gimmick and this possibility is ruled out.

By and large a soft spot delivers a message in no uncertain terms, and is a casual approach to mundane ordinary matters without in the least being offensive.

Well, for one thing this concerns its proven track record to form a common front. On the other hand it also deals with the impermanence of life, so that it acts as a driving force and can be said to be an approach without any restrictions.

A soft usage must be accepted as a defining term with no qualms and in all its totality.