TOPICS: Strands that speak modesty

Choosing to be modest is a very empowering thing. It is a sign that a person is confident and secure. While some women are on low necklines to catch the attention of others, a modest woman depends on her inner qualities to set herself apart from the rest. While immodest woman showcase their cheapest version of themselves first, a modest woman forces the world to see her internal value.

Some woman argue that baring a lot of flesh is a simply a sign that they are “proud of their bodies and are comfortable in their own skin.” We should all strive for a certain level of comfort with the way we look, but, these women with the public display of pride and comfort that these woman claim to be exhibiting are also subtly suggesting that their exterior deserves more attention than their interior.

When girls do not feel the inner beauty, it is likely that they will rely

too heavily on their physical charms

in a relationship. In search for the man of your dreams, modesty will keep

the best guys at the center stage of a girl’s selection process.

We should “be careful how (we) live not as fools but as those who are wise.” This fits directly to the discussion of modesty. Even though dressing suggestively may gain girls a few approving glances from the opposite sex, a wise woman knows that the kind of guy who constantly chases short skirts is not exactly Prince Charming.

Modesty is great for many virtuous reasons, but one of my favorite things about modesty is that it is always “in style.”

I am not saying that we have to be swathed in burlap sacks from head to toe in order to be dressed appropriately. We do not have to wear Victorian styles either-flowing skirts, long sleeves and lace up to chins. Our bathing suits do not need be ankle-length, and hoop skirts are completely out of question. As one writer noted, “modesty is very different from prudery.” Modesty can be found on the hottest fashion runways all around the world. At every Hollywood awards show a.k.a style fest, there are outfits that do not cling and outfits that do not reveal too much. From the boutique to Rodeo River in Los Angeles to the shops of Fifth Avenue in Sydney, modesty has a strong saying.

If modesty is the goal the project becomes very simple, because there are plenty of options available.