TOPICS: Students’ plight

The most common experience of students who live on rent in Kathmandu Valley or outside during the economic blockade and the shortage after that was to make sure that you possess at least two full cylinders of cooking gas with you in stock.

Although every citizen throughout the country was adversely affected by this acute shortage of essentials the students who had come to Kathmandu through all over the nation to pursue higher studies had been hit the hardest.

Till today the shortages of cooking gas persist and students are seen wandering from one gas dealer to another in search of gas leaving various important work aside.

Aunty gas aaayo and uncle gas kahile aaucha have become mantras students are chanting now. And the gas dealers have become overnight celebrities.

Shortage of water, high rental charge etc were already there and now the shortage of cooking gas has been added to the list of things the student worry about. Students are financed by their parents with great difficulties and high expectations.

Most of the students are from poor and middle class family background and with budget constraints. Money should be spent rationally and in priorities.

It is an uphill task obtaining good grades, shaping our careers, taking competitive exams and establishing ourselves in society.

However, there is acute shortage of basic necessities. This is not the first incident of acute shortages of essentials. This has happened time and again. This kind of shortage distracts and frustrates the students.

Minds get diverted and this decreases their overall performance. Young minds are not fully mature and prepared to handle challenges of day to day life.

According to Professor Paul Collier “If you are coastal you serve the world, if you are landlocked you serve your neighbors.” This quotation is true in the context of Nepal.

Due to our oil dependency on only one country, Nepal is paying a huge price.

So, in this globalized and diversified world dependency on only one country for a landlocked nation like Nepal is risky, the recent blockade being the best example.

Government till date has not made any provision to facilitate the students.

No schemes or quotas have been introduced. Student unions, the self proclaimed champions of students’ rights, are nowhere in the sight.

They are experts only in making fake promises, pelting stones and vandalizing the public utilities.