TOPICS: Teachers’ role

I clearly remember how it used to be like when I was in school. Teachers primarily used to deliver lessons, take daily attendance and check copies.

The only time that the parents got a chance to interact with the teachers was during the report card distribution. There used to be a different person checking the nails, ensuring that the hair was done properly, that the length of the skirt was appropriate.

Information was bound in books and children were confined in classrooms.

The role of teachers in a child’s education has changed a lot and education is no more confined to books, classrooms and schools. Children today are exposed to electronic and print sources of knowledge and are exposed to massive information every minute.

Teaching today is one of the most challenging and demanding professions everywhere in the world. It is disheartening but this profession is not for someone lured by long holidays anymore.

Teachers’ roles have been redefined and to survive in this constantly changing scenario, they must be able to adopt new practices and different strategies to meet the needs of individual, unique learners. They communicate with parents regularly and involve them in every school activity. Teachers have multiple roles to play; that of a friend, a counselor, a mediator in times of conflict, a guide and a mentor.

A teacher cannot merely be a lecturer or simply deliver a lesson. Teachers must be prepared at all times, in and outside the classroom, to engage the children in the learning process. Such teachers create passionate learners. All said and done but there is a harsh reality.

Research suggests that between 40 and 50 percent of teachers leave the profession by the end of the fifth year of starting their career.

Some of the reasons that they leave are due to lack of respect and exceeding paperwork of maintaining behavioral records, academic progress, parents’ communication and others. This world needs good, passionate teachers.

And to have them, there must be a motivation. It must also be understood that for teachers to grow and excel, the school management and other stakeholders including parents, politicians and other members of the society, have to play a crucial role.

Teachers need everyone’s participation, support, and trust and respect so that they can continue doing what they have to do, making a difference in young minds.