We have heard of children dying because they imitated something they saw on TV. But did you know that the negative effects of TV spread over many aspects of a child’s life? In most houses, the TV remains switched on most of the evening. Unfortunately, TV watching often has a negative impact on children.

Children are particularly vulnerable to TV because they do not fully understand that TV is a make-believe world. Most of us have read reports of young children injuring themselves, even

dying, because they imitated TV’s

actions without realizing that how much danger involves in them. They were merely stunts performed with special camera effects.

Even a child who does not try to imitate something dangerous is getting influenced by what he\he sees. The fantasy worlds appearing on TV-whether soap operas or cartoons or movies or even fashion shows-are fascinating and additive. They become an escape from routine activities like studying, playing and doing chores.

Another problem is that TV watching is a sedentary activity. Children often watch TV inside, something necessary for children to develop physically. They also tend to snack while watching TV. Combined with poor eating habits, excessive TV watching leads to overweight and obesity. In his book, how television poisons Children’s Mind, Miles Everett points out that we don’t allow our children to talk to strangers. When we permit children to watch TV, we are allowing strangers into their mind and souls every day and letting them set the standard of right and wrong for our children.

Watch TV along with your child and make comments that place the scenes shown in a proper contest. For example, Fox shows depict stunts, explain how the stunt is actually a photography trick and uses doubles and dummies. Support what you are explaining with examples the child can relate to.

Remember, TV can be a valuable instruction medium, if used carefully. It allows us to view aspects of the world we cannot otherwise view through programmes that depict other countries and cultures, scientific discoveries and inventions, nature and the universe. It is up to us to use TV within limits so that children benefit instead of getting addicted to it thereby losing their wholesome perspective of life.