TOPICS: Where has love gone?

As I sit down to write this article, my hands are trembling as my heart is filled with a mixed feeling of hurt, pain, frustration and anguish leaving me wondering as to why we fail to live life cordially.

I also fail to understand why everyone has become so self-centered and where “humanity” and “love” have disappeared. It’s been more than three weeks since Haiti, a nation of almost 9 million population, was struck with a massive catastrophic quake of 7 magnitude with the greatest tragedy after

more than 200 years.

Although, countries like The United States, China, France, Spain etc are carrying rescue teams, tonnes of

water, food, medicine and other

supplies: logistical delays and

damages to infrastructure is hampering aid distribution.

Also, out of desperation and

hunger, people are resorting to

fights and other unlawful means

just to get hold of food and other

necessary supplies for self and

family. It all defies all logic of love

and compassion that should

have been the guiding factor.

All these and many more leave me shattered and heartbroken. I ask

myself, “Where indeed has love

gone?” It is a question that will prove haunting all throughout.

And, hence, I appeal to everyone

to please do what you can do the

best. Love. Love in the name of humanity, in the name of brotherhood and in the name of religion. You need not donate huge sums of money just for the sake of donating. Instead,

you could just give a minute of

your precious time for those families who lost their loved ones. Also, you could ask your family and friends to say a little prayer for them.

Let us remember the famous saying that charity begins at home, and act accordingly by...forgiving your enemies, forgetting your frustrations, helping the needy, giving alms to the old beggars, donating your old clothes and toys, greeting a neighbour whom you’ve never exchanged a word with, in short, “ Spread Love”.

It just takes a little effort and not much of a sacrifice, after all. Who knows what and how our end is going to be like? Therefore, in the name of love again, let us all do our little bit: contribute, donate, pray, cherish and give a helping hand.