TOPICS: You only live once

Feelings. This word has several meanings that we can neither explain nor really illustrate.

You have to face several kinds of feelings once you take your first breath here in this world. You develop these feelings while you grow up among all the people present here. You take in what you are told.

You follow the same pattern of feelings the world tells you to follow. You embrace the feelings that the world piles on upon you. And there comes this one stage in your life where you start developing your own sense.

You analyse what you have been taught. You start listening to your own brain. But still, you can’t know what these feelings mean.

You get these feelings when you are just a baby. You grow up into a child and develop a whole new set of feelings, throwing behind the feelings you had as a baby.

You develop the feeling of love for your parents or guardians or anyone who is taking care of you. You start learning things. You start understanding happiness, sorrow, anger, frustration, jealousy and all the so-called feelings that exist.

You feel happy when you get praised by your teacher, you feel jealous when you can’t get a toy your friend already owns, you feel angry and sad and frustrated when your parents don’t buy you the things you want.

As you further grow, you have to face your stormy age, your adolescent period. This is when you have all the social and emotional changes. You develop strange feelings.

You start developing negative feelings towards your parents and all the people who try to control you and all good feelings toward your peers. You have social anxiety, the fear of being backward or left out from the rest of the group.

You start getting into things like relationships and crushes. You sometimes get all mixed up, not knowing where to go and what to do.

Then you get older, and there is a change of feelings again. These feelings can’t leave us for life. Surely, growing up in this ‘feeling-full’ world is no cakewalk for anyone. But the world wouldn’t have been better if these mysterious feelings didn’t exist.

Sometimes you have to rock and roll. Sometimes you have to get some quiet time for yourself. Sometimes you have to get loved and cared for. Sometimes you have to face joy, sometimes sorrow.

You get this life only once. You can only live without making a wreck of yourself if you can go with the flow.

Though it’s not very easy to define life and feelings, you can just work to make the best out of them while you live.