TOPICS:Compatible couples

Whispering sweet nothings and the body language of lovebirds are evident to an observer of human nature. This springs from the fact that they are first and foremost a compatible couple and nothing stands in their expression of love.

Compatibility in a relationship is the bedrock upon which to build upon to heighten sensual feelings and the subtleties of lovemaking. While at it professing affection and infatuation is a wonderful thing to revel in. There is no question mark to what is an effect a new found love discovered in an instant and developed over the years.

Experiencing feelings and emotions injects aspects with hardly any parallel. By assuming the mantle of desires they have grown accustomed to seeing each other and exchanging vows.

They aspire to the norm which is relevant to their existence and being. Given half-a-chance they would swear to aid and abet in the coming years. The warmth which pervades their inner selves is also an acceptable part of live. An offshoot of which is they have eyes for no one else.

Love for them cannot be mistaken for other kindred feelings because

it is so strong and vibrant. It does

away with every problem in the making by its sheer persistence and insistence. These well up to change their very lifestyle and sustain them through thick and thin.

Only the present counts and is etched in memories that stands up to the test of time. Togetherness gives rise to tenderness and becomes real and substantial. Their maturity gives them an inkling of what to do next whenever separation is near. Becoming a beacon of hope in despair, action in lethargy and existence in loneliness.

Trying to outdo may signify events and fine tune every turn in their lives. Unveiling which takes precedence and gives way to shared interests. This is not a romantic notion but a building of trust even though it partakes of desperate measures. And there is no turning back from the avowal to stand fast and firm come what may.

Being with each other surpasses lesser considerations in that it becomes a moment to cherish and remember long after the inner glow has passed. Thus anything contributing to it is a step in the right direction as it means the fullness of love. Perhaps it can also be said that it brings with it compatibility to last a lifetime.