TOPICS:Yearning for yesteryears!

Life is full of mysteries! It is spinning across yesterday, today and tomorrow. Humans of all shades come across this charismatic cycle of life. What we do today becomes a thing of yesterday the next day.

Indeed, life is replete with both fruitful and futile bygones. The past is so terrible and/or so splendid that a person can't get out of its grip. The more one recollects the past, deepening the imagination and

memory, the better or the worse their present turns out to be.

Last Friday, after my rigorous office hours, I came home and lay on my bed. My eyes got stuck on an

innocently smiling face of myself. This photograph was beautifully captured while I was a fourth-grader. At once, I had a photographic memory and I transported myself to my world of sweet-bitter bygones. I remember I was carefree, exempt from tensions: enjoying, playing with my fellow escorts, going for kora around the Buddha stupa and visiting mela of my nearby locality.

Now things and thoughts have antithetically changed a lot. Being a girl of 20, I go to British Gurkha Academy unlike to the primary school. I have responsibilities and ought to consider and reconsider while kicking off any thing to do. To my sadness, I am now a grown-up with growing

responsibilities on my shoulders. I have come a long way from my world of a carefree child to this hustle and bustle world of an adult.In fact, I desperately long for my "old golden days", those "green moments" and "unforgettable memories". I prefer the world of childhood to this world of adulthood.

Like W.B.Yeats in ''The Lamentation of the Old Pensioner,'' I am vexed with "time". It's time that has alienated me from my joyous childhood days. The days of yesteryears have now become a distant dream in my life.I crave for my bygone days. The flashbacks only provide momentary pleasure then it's all gone. A deadly defect of human beings, I have reasonable base, is they can't forget the past. The past plays a vital role to make the survival meaningful. The present is more or less impacted by the past. Like me, there are many who can't dismember their bygones and make the sweet-bitter moments of the past a concrete reality of the present. That's the sad part. That's why, I yearn for those "yesteryears".