Traffic congestion in Kathmandu

Dazzling road views of night can be mesmerizing to any pedestrian returning after daily official duty. The ever often busy traffic and the road commotion can be the indication of the boiling population density in the city.

For some, this picture can depict immensely occupied state of commuters in generating revenue. Nevertheless, the issue is partly true since the daily long congregation of vehicles plying on the streets is becoming a major challenge to surmount and can be said to be the major reason for the increase of mortality rate in the span of a year. Many people hold the view that the city’s avenue towards the light of development is picturized by the tangled lines of automobiles in the street after completing the regular office shifts.

As the population density of the city has been opening doors for countless opportunities, the blinding head or tail lights could be the optimal sign of revenue generation.

This evening scenario of the city clearly reflects that the denizens are toiling and making an effort to plant the seeds of progress.

However, while there is some grain of truth in this argument, the detriment of the frequent vehicular congestion has managed to outweigh the positive part which has been explained above.

Some major problems are taking roots because of the poor traffic condition. For instance, as per the medical report and reviews of more than half of the Kathmanduites, they are found to be victimized by high blood pressure, especially popular among the elderly people. More than an hour of still posture inside the humid atmosphere of a four wheeler or a radiating pavement can certainly be agonizing and exasperating at the same time.

So, the problem of traffic congestion in the city can be deemed as a major issue that should not be ignored. The present-day traffic jam has aggravated the emergency cases and sadly led to death.

The renowned hospitals and maternity care have been erected in a hub of the town. There have been cases where the patient has to travel from the suburbs to the care center. The deceased body of the patient makes to the hospital accompanied by his/her family in the emergency vehicle. This boils down to the apparent annoying traffic system and its condition of the city. Hence, it would be like belling a cat to opt for the emergency vehicle service when urgently needed.