Traffic terror

Despite several traffic-awareness campaigns launched in the past, traffic in the capital

continues to be as chaotic as ever. Traffic awareness campaigns have been launched at regular intervals, sometimes, for as long as a month in order to educate the public about traffic regulations. However, the urgency with which the regulations are implemented remains only as long. The traffic, as soon as the campaigns are over, returns to its unruly state. While the traffic authorities become less vigilant, both drivers and pedestrians take liberties with the traffic rules and regulations. Bad roads and speed bumps placed unsystematically on the roads further aggravate matters. Speed bumps, which are often too high, unsettle the balance of vehicles, especially the motorbikes, and invite accidents.

Moreover, though the hospitals and schools have been declared silent zones, most motorists

neither slow down nor refrain from honking in the nearby areas. Noise pollution increases the blood pressure of patients and can adversely affect their health. The traffic authorities should not only install hoardings to increase public awareness but stringently implement the rules. The violators must be punished. Also, the major cause of accidents in the capital in the Valley speeding. The traffic authorities should set speed limits in all areas of the capital.