Truths and lies

Truth – this five letter word has been interpreted in several ways. In a simple understanding, truth is a quality of being free from deceit. However, different people have understood truth in different ways. In the perception of theologians truth is synonyms to God realization. Thus truth is a religion from a theologian’s point of view. They argue that   as religion cannot go against the welfare of human beings, so does the truth. It is a well known fact that all the religious epics and scriptures preach the importance of truth and follow the path of religion.

While keeping into account the moral ethical and religious value it is always better to choose the truth and make it a part of life. But how many of us really practice it in real life? In the journey of life people pass through various circumstances. And at times circumstances force people to deviate from the path of truth.

Deviating from truth means he/she has adopted a lie at some point of life.

When there is a question whether speaking a lie is good or bad, one can simply put forward the logic or motive behind speaking lies. If someone is speaking a lie for the benefit of others say to solace a person who is in trauma and the person speaking the lie helps solace the traumatized  person,  that is a condition where speaking a lie cannot be said to be unjust and immoral.

Contrary to that, if a person uses the same tool to fulfill personal interest and the person’s speaking the lie causes trouble and harm to others then it is absolutely wrong.  Speaking lies for one’s own benefit or with the motive of hurting others is absolutely wrong.

Philosophers warn that a lie repeated many times becomes the truth. Some people are habituated liars. They swear many times in the name of god to make people believe that what they say is the truth.

It is often perceived that speaking a lie is a normal part of life.  No one should make a practice of speaking lies as it is a bad habit that makes people lose their credibility. Lies speaking habit makes people weak morally and  intellectually.  People adopt the lie speaking habit with deliberate intent to deceive others.

Finally, speaking a lie is a bad habit. But it can be good   provided it serves good purposes and serves to benefit  others rather than the one who is speaking. Despite that one should be aware that a lie repeated is a malicious act especially when it  harms  others.