Ultimate satisfaction

People rely on their endeavor to gain the ultimate satisfaction, success. But often the road is not smooth as we expect it to be. There are many obstacles which we do not know of; there are things that seem like them but we must go through it and come out better than the one who entered it. It is undeniably the obstacles that turn out to be turning points in the long run. We all deny it at first but deep down we all have gone through it, we might be down at the beginning but as the night is darkest before the dawn, we too go through it and become who we want to be. We may call these obstacles failures, and we grudgingly admit that we have been through them.

We fail to acknowledge what failure actually is. Is it a spike that goes through us when we can’t have something we desire? Initially it is but if we dig the surface beneath it is not limited to that. Failure is actually an energy that urges our fallen spirit to rise above our own limitations to achieve what we truly desire. It can be painful but if one can get the true meaning of failure then it’s more than worth the pain that you have been through. Failure taunts us to have a go to take it down. Ultimately when we destroy it, we end up having the ultimate satisfaction, success. We never actually acknowledge what failure had given us, we just see it as a devil with horns which pulled us down. Failure is the ultimate philanthropist, which makes us succeed, and yet it is never credited for its contribution in making us who we are.

Failure is something we look at with an attitude that it doesn’t deserve, we view it with anathema. Failure might be frustrating, but it’s up to you for what you make out of it. If you take all the negativity out of failure then you are on the track you want to be, but if you see failure as a hand that pushes your head back to the ground then you are never going to stand up again. As time passes if we realize the fact that we can still choose the way we want to go, we can take a turn and make failure a station in our journey where we changed paths for what we want, then what awaits us is an inevitable ocean of opportunities ready to be turned to success with our endeavors.

The road to success is filled with obstacles but it is up to us to tackle them. Failure we go through in our life is not a justification that we have failed, it is in fact the realization that we need to change something in ourselves to gain what we want. The difference between a human being and a better one is actually his/her view of failure.