Absence of clear legal provisions has led to illegal businesses proliferating throughout the country. Be it illegally produced home-made liquor, the flourishing flesh trade or certain other profit-making activities, they have yet to come under the purview of the law. This legal vacuum or vagueness has encouraged the perpetrators to continue with their illegal businesses. Take for instance the scores of cyber cafes and communication centres in the capital, illegally providing international telephonic service using voice over internet protocol (VOIP) system at dirt-cheap prices to customers. Under the existing law, only the registered telephonic service providers including Nepal Telecom, UTL, STMA and Spice Nepal are licensed to use this system.

Though this system allows customers to communicate with their relatives and friends in distant shores at affordable prices, it results in heavy losses not only to the companies but also to the government in terms of revenue. The unlicensed operators, who have been operating communication services, due to absence of effective law, have long enjoyed impunity. The government should formulate a clear and practicable law to govern this business. And it should then implement the law effectively. On the other hand, the telephone service providers should also cut the charges further, making the incentive for illegal operations negligible .