Until we meet again

What I have realized is that there is always very much to learn from a situation, a person and even during the hardest of times, one apprehends how strong one can be. There are so many things that we have learnt from that one individual who has always helped people around him, by putting smiles in many faces and creating an immense impact in numerous lives. There are many who feel blessed to know a person like him. People from different walks of life remember him dotingly, as different age groups of people get inspired by his discipline in life.

I am not done describing about that one person, my dad, who took care of me since I was born and many others in his everyday life. He was a perfectionist, and his work would start and finish with detail and calculations. His principles were very strong yet he was always open to suggestions.

The calm and patient nature of his had left many of us mesmerized. The simplicity of his had taught many that life is all about the small things like happiness that could be acquired from enjoying a cup of tea at the home garden on a beautiful day. I have seen a lot of people talk about it, but believing and practicing is something less. His love for nature made the garden space look different each quarter. He took care of the smallest maintenance in the house, fixing the tube light to getting the wall painted. He knew everything, he managed all of it, he was a superhero, he was my super dad.

His teachings on life were very practical and applicable and the time that we had with him has become a treasure. While he is gone, he has left us many things that we can still learn, that was the beauty of him and what he did. He has taught each one of us how we are stuck up in things which really does not matter and in the end he has made us realize how uncertain life can be. He has made us question our purpose in life and why each one of us is struggling hard for material things of no consequence in a larger form. He has taught us that a true warrior needs to conquer himself and he did that with his life beautifully.