Value of consistency

We all have some dreams inside us. We may not want to discuss them with others, but we do have them. In fact, without dreams, human life would be rudderless and stale at the same time. People often fall for the trap of getting daunted by the first look or mental impression of something and do not even give it a thought of trying it even though those things have always been in their dreams. They say that if you truly want something, you will find ways, otherwise, you will end up with numerous excuses. Many of us sadly fail to realize the importance of consistency in whatever it is that we want to achieve no matter how puny our effort is at that time.

How can we forget the lovely inspiring story about the race of a hare and a tortoise that we have read or heard of during our school days? Yes, slow and steady wins the race! Even a barrel of water splashed onto a stone just flows down with no permanent effect whereas the same amount of water dripped onto the same stone can carve a permanent hole in the stone. The same applies to our effort -- tiny but consistent.

Weaving a plan for daily rituals in our mind is not difficult, but the buck stops at the implementation of our plan. The-spirit-is-willing-but-the-flesh-is-weak syndrome grips many of us, and our long cherished dreams suffer as a result. Our adherence to the basic tenets of self-discipline is frustratingly weak in real practice. The pain of self-discipline is more bearable than the pain of regrets. Before the bouts of laziness grip us, we should be able to tell ourselves that we are willing to spend these few years of our life like others don’t, so that we will be able to live the rest of our life that others can’t.

Many of us are in the habit of procrastinating until the last moment and putting a large chunk of efforts in one go. This is very likely to hamper the quality of the work and its result. These days we can find a plethora of articles and videos on the internet which claim to reduce belly fat and body weight within an astonishingly few days after using their products or following certain types of exercise packages they offer. But many of us fail to question the credibility of such things simply on the basis of the fact that something good and great can never be as a result of some slapdash effort or a fluke.

There can be no shortcuts to real lasting success in any field. Only consistent effort and dedication to the cause are the blueprint of success that we want to achieve.