Abortion surrounds the definition of life and death and getting rid of a fetus is practically taking away an individual’s right to live. Human life has value, including the lives of inborn. The human fetus has sensations, feels pain, is a separate entity genetically and has a right to life. Women have risky unprotected sex, and look at abortion as an easy way out but this is wrong. Abortion should be illegal because a fetus is more than a piece of tissue and is a thinking, feeling, and conscious human being that have a right to live.

When we say that a human fetus has a right to live, according to Rocco Pauline and Johnson Robert, the key argument that comes up is that “a woman has total control of her own body”. Every individual has a right to do to their bodies what they will but the question is, to what extent?

Science has proven that a fetus is a distinct individual. Although it is present inside the mother’s body, it is a separate entity genetically. It has its own unique DNA that is different from its mother’s DNA. So, the argument that a woman has a right to do as she wishes to her own body is not applicable to the topic of abortion. Getting rid of a life that is forming inside the womb is killing and how can killing ever be legal?

Many might even disagree that a fetus is actually a form of life. Just like cessation of heartbeat defines death, the onset of a heartbeat definitely defines life and according to Kerby Anderson, “the heart of the fetus is formed by the 18th day in the womb.” If a heartbeat really defines life, how can a fetus not be a form of life?

Furthermore, many also say that it is better to legalize abortion then to have so many unwanted children in the world. And more importantly, what does an “unwanted child” mean? Every child is wanted.

Many argue that women have the “right to choose” to abort their babies. It is ridiculous.

Women do have the “right to choose” but not to aborting a baby but to the option of deciding when or whether to have children. It is a big mistake to think that they have the “right to choose” to undergo an abortion because there is a difference. It is a choice between allowing an unborn baby to live or die. And, no one has the right to decide whether a person should live or die.