Vote for change

As Nepalese are voting, it embodies the necessity to break down the conventional thought of voting for the favorite political parties but not the deserving ones. Many of us have originally and innately embraced some political parties. We vote for them for whom our parents vote and grandparents voted. However, this always hinders our ability to choose the ideal, rational and patriotic leaders who are actually required for the sake of our country.

Similarly, Nepalese citizens frequently appear to be uncomfortable to accept change as natural phenomena. They don’t even leap out from their traditional mind-set of voting for their favorite political parties. Indeed, everyone must vote for political leaders for his/her skills, courage, qualification, rationality and decisiveness.

People don’t even require to know the name, qualification, history of those standing as a candidate. Our votes play a significant role for the future, individually as well collectively. For that a patriotic leader should be chosen without caring about which political party he/she represents. Nepalese citizens appear very unaware and irresponsible about development of the nation and collective progression. To sell the vote because of greed of money brings negative results. The transitory happiness of getting money and having delicious food are short lived. Many youths as well as adults are tired with the present instability of Nepal so that they don’t care about voting the deserving candidate.

If some political parties and leaders commit to do some innovative and the outcome is change, we all should co-operate them with our precious votes since everyone should be granted an opportunity. How can they prove themselves unless they get a chance? We need to jump out from our traditional concept. We should enhance the ability of identifying the propaganda which sometime are done by leaders and sometime by the media. To believe the black propaganda regarding election damages our thoughts and increases the chance of wrong candidates being chosen. We should enhance the ability of choosing the best candidates and vote for them heartily. In a nutshell, citizens have to abandon the traditional concept of voting for their most-liked political party to which we are voting for long and should rather vote for committed, rational and patriotic leaders in order to develop the country and establish peace and humanity.