Waiting for replies

Sathi ..But I still wait for you to reply without even knowing whether you have been receiving or not those previous mails. So many things make me fused up, things are not as they used to be, people are not as they used to be, change is inevitable my dear but something underneath is changeless: the desperate wait for your reply. I have been waiting, I will be waiting.I am so inexpressive these days~ Just stuck up somewhere beneath. Feelings boil like water in a kettle, waiting to come outside, but the lid is so tight.

I boil myself inside. Writing to you relieves me. Feels like I am talking with you~feels like you are hearing me and with your typical smile responding to my stupidity.Yes, I miss being stupid with you~I miss being joker with you~ I miss fighting with you ~ I miss crying with you~I miss myself~ my true self that I would have been with you.My dear friend: How are you? Where are you? What are you doing? When I will be able to see you again?