Ways to increase productivity

Two things when combined form productivity. They are focused efforts and intelligent planning. To stay productive can be a matter of challenge. Every day when the work hours end, you feel that what you should have accomplished is not satisfactory. There are some ways to improve productivity.

Every person requires help and should not take big tasks alone. Two obstacles for achieving help are trust and an introverted disposition. Trust your colleagues so that you can get help from them. This helps in completion of work. Tell them the deadline so that they take it more seriously. Give all resources to them that you can like documents or spreadsheets. Don’t be too introverted while asking for help. This way you will have many tasks to do by yourself. Time is money. Though meeting is necessary to increase your networking, keep that limited and understand that your desk is more significant to you. One-on-one meeting with your manager can be crucial and can’t be avoided. It is important for your professionalism also. But attending meetings that are less significant to your direct work is not worth your time. Don’t attend them as far as you can.

In life, there are different types of tasks that we do. Some are simpler while some are difficult. I would recommend you to go after easier ones at first and then to move on towards tougher ones.To get your tasks accomplished, you should create to-do lists and track them through Google Tasks. As this tracker syncs well with Google Calendar, Gmail and Google’s mobile app, it is easier to refer to them while you are working.

In case some tasks are bigger, divide them into several smaller tasks. If you keep a timer on such tasks, you will not lose focus on them. Sometimes, we focus on different tasks so they consume time and do not go together. Keep the priority on them as per their deadlines.

Don’t spend more than 8-10 hours at a desk without moving around. If you stay so you will feel that you have less energy. Researchers have proved that when you sit on the desk for longer hours, you will be prone to heart attacks. So productivity is gained not only sitting in front of desk but also by taking care of your health.

Do some physical activities or go on for a walk. You can come back and sit on the desk again. Now people have many social media accounts ranging from Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn and Youtube. There are many other networks that we use as our habit only.