Well read

Even in this high tech era it is comforting to know that books still retain their value. These days the reading habit may have declined particularly amongst children who now prefer to watch television. At one time, reading books was considered to be one of the favourite pastimes of the young for there was little else to do. To encourage the reading habit and also to sell books, an education book expo has been organized in the capital. Apparently, the organizers are satisfied with the number of visitors. So far, above 80,000 have visited the expo with all likelihoods that more will come since before the show comes to an end.

However, that the reading habit is still under threat can be gleaned from the fact that most of the books sold were course books of various schools and colleges. It seems there are less people interested in reading books of the lighter kind. Thus, expos of this kind would in a large way contribute to revive the interest of young people in reading books. The reading habit can be an asset to them later on in their lives.