Winds of change

At long last, the Maoist affiliated student body ANNISSU (Revolutionary) has agreed to contest the Free Student Union (FSU) election slated for Feb 28. The announcement, especially at a time when there were dim prospects of election over long-standing differences among the student unions, conveys students’ unfaltering commitment and firm belief in democratic processes. The student body has also stated that it would campaign for election with the slogan ‘Student Union free of corruption’. Differences apart, the commitment of the student body to contest the election with the promise of improving the obsolete educational system is a good thing.

What remains to be seen, however, is whether the commitments of the student unions are actually put into practice. In the past many such unfulfilled commitments were made. It is recognised that in a country like Nepal, the role of student organisations goes beyond the educational sphere. How can one forget the crucial contributions of the student bodies to the success of the last two pro-democracy movements in Nepal? The success of the FSU election may also be witnessed across the country as a prelude to the success of the much-awaited Constituent Assembly polls slated for April 10. That said, however, the main function of students is to study. The student unions are therefore expected to do more to ensure that better educational conditions are created for the students in the country’s educational establishments.