Youth of transition

Writing is the simplest thing, trying to be a writer is the hard one. There are times I have overflowing feelings, views, and occasionally even solutions to the ongoing unrest. But as soon as my pen faces the blank paper all those thoughts disappear. It is as if they are afraid to be written down. I am a youth, a generation of transition. I studied with chalk and board by candlelight and am now performing my daily work with a laptop. I see the advancement of technology in other nations while at the same time I experience the power cut every day. My roots are in a world of simplicity, where people sent letters through post and knew everyone in the village.

And now I have the whole world at my fingertips in the form of a smart phone. The feeling of brotherhood that was once nurtured is fading away. I am a youth of this transition phase - a common youth who dreams of a satisfactory life, a job that can ensure his living, a place that I can say is mine and a country where I may live in peace.

On the other side of globe my friend is working on his career, here I am working on finding the basic essentials for life. Every night I am prepared with a candle and matchstick waiting for the power cut. I can see nothing but this depressing situation. I want to simply give up.

I dream of escape from this chaos and run constantly in search of exit. I am left tired and pessimistic. I look for excuses to forget these and somehow manage to be one of the crowd. Thousands of me forming that crowd clueless of where it is heading towards and too tired to care. I am a witness of this change despite my different opinions. I am compelled to be a silent audience to the numerous embarrassments and injustices heaped upon me. But again and again I enter and become lost in the crowd of ignorance.

In school I was taught a history full of our collective pride. A lot has changed from those days spent cheering till these of blockades and unanswered questions. I realize, I worry, I become restless I want to revolt. And at the end I become the only witness of the revolution inside me because I fear to be the change, I fear to take the risk and I forget that the biggest risk is not taking any risk. I am a generation who thinks of cosmos, imagines the world without borders and believes in each other’s existence for life like the cycle of life I studied at school. The vibes of selfishness injecting everyone around.