Nepal | January 30, 2020

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  • World

    Australia bushfire

    As bushfires threaten, Australian PM seeks greater federal powers

    SYDNEY: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday he wants greater federal powers during natural disasters, as authorities warned bushfires ravaging the country for months were sweeping through a national park near the capital. Morrison said he wanted to set up a "legal frame...

  • Entertainment

    Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth single again, divorce finalized

    LOS ANGELES: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are officially single. Court records show that a Los Angeles judge on Tuesday finalized the divorce that ended the brief marriage of the 27-year-old American pop star and the 30-year-old Australian actor. The couple separated and Hemsworth filed for ...

  • Science & Technology

    Did asteroid that hit Australia help thaw ancient ‘snowball Earth’?

    It is curious to think of an asteroid impact shifting the Earth's atmosphere to something more clement for life than a 'snowball' scenario: Timmons Erickson, a NASA research scientist WASHINGTON: Scientists have identified Earth's oldest-known impact crater, and in doing so may have solved a myster...

  • Oddities

    Iranian passenger plane slides off runway into highway, passengers safe

    DUBAI: A Caspian Airlines plane slid off the runway onto a highway on landing at an airport in southwestern Iran on Monday, but all passengers were evacuated without injury, Iranian state media reported. "It ran out of runway when landing at Mahshahr airport with no casualties," state news ag...

  • Lifestyle

    US immigration, migrant caravan, mexico

    Mexican security forces detain 800 Central American migrants

    FRONTERA HIDALGO: Mexican authorities on Thursday adopted tougher measures against Central American migrants, detaining 800 of them who had entered Mexico illegally from Guatemala intending to reach the border with the United States. Mexico is under intense pressure from US President Donald T...

  • Opinion

    Corruption in healthcare: It’s killing Nepalis

    Corruption in the health budget has crippled Nepal’s health system. Given the scarce resources, the funds lost through it could otherwise buy lifesaving medicines and supplies, fund operations and hire more skilled health workers “Corruption is a tradition. It might be wrong, but it is not ille...