Nepal | September 18, 2020

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  • Science & Technology

    Facebook launches climate science info center amid fake news criticism

    BRUSSELS/SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook on Tuesday launched a climate science information center to elevate credible sources on climate change, as critics question its role in the spread of misinformation on the issue. Facebook said the project is modeled on its COVID-19 Information Center, and launched a...

  • Entertainment

    Kangana Ranaut claims Bollywood offered her two-minute roles after sleeping with hero

    KATHMANDU: Reacting to Indian Samajwadi Party MP and actress Jaya Bachchan's speech, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut claimed on September 16 that Bollywood ever offered her were two-minute roles, item numbers and a romantic scene in return of sleeping with the hero. Her comments came after Bachc...

  • Oddities

    India’s largest crocodile park strapped for cash after virus lockdowns

    CHENNAI: India's largest crocodile park may have as little as four months before it runs out of funds to feed animals, pay staff and do research, as ticket revenue shrinks after coronavirus lockdowns choked the flow of visitors, park officials said. Annual sales of about 5 million tickets usually...

  • Opinion

    Copyright Act Amendment: What’s new and important?

    The Draft Bill to amend the Copyright Act, also known as the First Amendment to the Copyright Act 2059, was announced earlier this year. As Nepal has become more technologically advanced, artists now have various platforms to publish their art, such as the Internet, radio, magazines, among others. A...

  • Nepal

    Ban on PCR tests on deceased draws flak

    KATHMANDU, SEPTEMBER 17 The government’s decision not to test people for COV- ID-19 after death even if they were suspected of having contracted the disease has drawn flak from health experts, who think it could lead to rise in infections. The Ministry of Health and Population directed healt...

  • Education

    Bodhi Toastmasters Club organises its 75th meeting in Pokhara

    KATHMANDU: Bodhi Toastmasters Club, Kathmandu, organised it's 75th meeting in Pokhara under the theme "Visit Nepal 2020" in collaboration with Pokhara and Gandaki Toastmasters Club. At a time when the country's tourism industry is being marred by the coronavirus outbreak, toastmasters and gue...