ANFA logoLALITPUR: The board meeting of All Nepal Football Association today decided to suspend Vice-presidents Karma Chhiring Sherpa, Bijay Narayan Manandhar and Kishor Rai and Member Pankaj Nembang from the executive committee.

“The four officials were asked to submit clarification within 35 days after they were not present in three consecutive executive committee meetings without notice,” said the ANFA in a release. “Neither their clarification was acceptable nor they did that on time,” added the release. “So the ANFA meeting decided to suspend them until next general assembly.”

The meeting also nominated Narendra Shrestha as the senior Vice-president in place of Lalit Krishna Shrestha, who died in May, and promoted assistant General Secretaries Mani Kunwar and Bir Bahadur Khadka and Eastern Regional President Santosh Baniya as the vice-presidents.