Bajracharya elected

KATHMANDU: The Annual General Assembly of Kathmandu Khel Mandal (KKM), which owns the famous club New Road Team (NRT), on Saturday elected Deepak Harsha Bajracharya as the President. Bajracharya, who is also the President of Nepal Judo Association, garnered 52 votes against another contender Durga Maharjan, who earned 31 votes. Likewise,  Binay Singh Pradhan, Yogumber Suwal and Nabin Suwal were elected as first, second and third Vice-presidents respectively, while Sundar Narshing Rana was elected as the General Secretary and Mahendra Bahadur Malla the Secretary in the 12-member committee. Treasurer Dharma Krishna Manandhar was elected unopposed, whereas Diken Suwal, Maheshwor Mulmi, Dhruba Tuladhar, Raju KC and Birat Krishna Shrestha were elected as the Members.