Bee seeks Bajra art popularity

KATHMANDU: Shuny Bee, a little known taekwondo player, has made a name for himself inventing a new form of martial arts — Bajra Martial Arts — while living in the US.

Bee is the sixth Dan master but has not played in any national level tournaments before leaving for the US some 15 years earlier. The new form of the martial arts came into existence after a lengthy and arduous two-decade research, says Bee.

Asked about the form of the art he says, “It is less physical and demands minimal strength”. Like other forms of martial arts, it is also meant for self defence. As the name Bajra suggests, the unique art rely more on speed leaving an ‘enemy’ hardly any time to react. Furthermore, the art also embraces the Nepali ‘Khukuri’ operating techniques.

He considers Bruce Lee, founder of Jitkundo Martial Arts, as his idol and has changed his surname after him. Born as Shunny KC in Tansen, he has already imparted the skills to more than 1,000 students at the Bee Martial Arts Academy in Portland.

The art is portrayed on his directorial debut ‘Gorkha Rakshak’ — a Nepali movie. He also assumes the lead role in the movie which is due to be released soon. The movie is also slated to be released in the US in November 1, informed Bee.

“The whole idea of doing the movie is to popularise the art in Nepal,” says Bee. “The movie would be the best way to inform people what the art is all about.” Although very few people know him in Nepal, the maestro is well known figure in the US for his invention. He is also a familiar, if not a popular, in India where he has acted in six Bollywood movies.

“During my college days in Amrit Science Campus, I met an Indian superstar Mithun Chakraborthy who later introduced me to Bollywood and I took a negative character in the films like Jaanbaz and Dadagiri,” recalls Bee. Bee claims he is the only person in Nepal to have the skills to operate three Nun-Chaku at a time.

Bee recalls his skills with the stick was hugely appreciated by Jean Claude Van Damme when the hollywood action star paid a visit to his academy in 2004. The martial art star and his Bajra art has been covered thrice in the leading self defence magazine the ‘Black Belt Magazine’.

Bee is looking forward to open the headquarters of Bajra Martial Arts in Nepal.