Bhojpur to boast football stadium soon

BHOJPUR: The Bhojpur District Football Association began constructing a football stadium in the district with an investment of Rs 427,000.

Though the District Development Committee had purchased a land around six years ago and a stadium was constructed there, it was not suitable for any match, informed Association Chairman Praveen Suwal.

"Bhojpur players were forced to restrict themselves in nine-player matches for want of the stadium," Suwal said, "But, with this stadium, the football sector will advance in the district."

The 100 metre long and 65 metre wide stadium will be constructed in Kodar, Bhojpur Municipality-7.

Conducting big-scale matches had remained a problem in the district for years due to lack of a standard stadium. "But, such matches can be held in this new stadium," Association General Secretary Saphal Kirant said.

The Association has called stakeholders to provide support to the construction project.